CRABUM.lha (MorphOS only!)
CRABUM is a mui gui for creating Ambient user menus the easy way.

You can build own user menus, or load/import already defined usermenus. A save function is also implemented;)
The "Test" button saves the usermenu to t:CRABUM.rexx and then executes it to install it to Ambient (the currently installed menus are removed before!).
You can drag and drop files from ambient into CRABUM to load a new project or to add a new menuitem.
To install it automatically on every reboot, you have to put the saved usermenu to Sys:WBStartup/ with a project icon and specify "RX" as default program.

You can find a .cs file in the "catalogs" directory, if you want to make a translation into another language.
SimpleCat (by Guido Mersmann) or a plain text editor can be used for that. Please send me the changed .cs file, so I can include the new catalog in the next version!

A german, french, hungarian/magyar, spanish and italian catalog is included in the archive.

Thanks to the catalog translators:
german - myself;)
french - beWorld
italian - Jambalah
magyar - sadddam
spanish - ??? found on
turkishly - Serkan Dursun

Here are some screenshots:

CRABUMs windows after startup CRABUM with a loaded usermenu

101.8KB, v1.7, 04.12.11, only for MorphOS!