EProcLister.lha Readme
This tool opens a mui window where you can open as many E-sources as you like in multiple tabs where all PROCs of a source are listed with their line number.
If you double click a PROC, the source is loaded (if not already) into Scribble and the cursor is positioned at the PROC.
Hint: Scribble has to be started before you double click!

There is also a Search gadget to search for a PROC in the current tab.

Its written in AmigaE with the ecx compiler by Leif Salomonsson!

If someone wants an Amiga68k or AmigaOS4 version, contact me.

31-Jul-13:v1.1 new: added a requester if the source failed to open
new: added a requester if the user wants to close the last tab
new: you can specify multiple e-sources at startup
fix: the first tab couldn't be deleted
fix: fixed a read from 0, if you add a new tab, or switch to an empty tab
[reported by krashan, 30-Jul-13]
26-Jun-13:v1.0 first version

Here is a screenshot:

EProcLister with some sources

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to EProcLister(at)igracki(dot)de.

24KB, v1.1, 31.07.13, Downloaded: