ecx-script.lha Readme
Usage: s:ecx <ecx source> [O=more options] [D=Debug] [DR=DontRun]

A starter for the ecx compiler to be able to jump to the error line in Scribble. And after a successful compile request the user to run the executable. This script is smart enough to dont ask if you're compiling a module (OPT MODULE).

Tip: You can use my "Foreach" command to compile multiple sources at once! Example:
Foreach modules/winMain_mcc.e modules/app_mcc.e ecxHelper.e DO "s:ecx %s"

This script needs my FileInfo shell command (Foreach.lha)
Just copy this script to S: and be sure that the S bit is set!

Copy the "s" and "c" directories to SYS:

Required commands:
c:Replace (included), FileInfo ( and ecx, of course;)

Bug: The second line of the error-text has a number preceeded, this is due to a bug in "Search" (bugreport is sent)!

15-Jul-13:v1.8 chg: If DEBUG is specified, I also add "DEFINE DEBUG=1"
chg: One more line of ecx's error output will be shown, because sometimes there are 3 lines
11-Jul-13:v1.7 fix: Now the compiled program will be started with the full path
new: Added SYNC/S, if used run the program synchronously, else with RUN
08-Jul-13:v1.6 new: Added a Target/S switch, which should be MorphOS, AmigaOS4 or AmigaOS, default is MorphOS, to specify what binary ecx should produce
05-Jul-13:v1.5 fix: because the "Fail" command which should be "FailAt 10", the script didn't worked;)
chg: show the ecx's output also if the compile succeeded
chg: changed the way the error-text gets extracted
02-Jul-13:v1.4 new: the error text is now displayed in a requester
01-Jul-13:v1.3 fix: fixed loading the file (to jump to the error line) for relative paths
29-Jun-13:v1.2 new: added DR=DontRun/S switch -> dont ask to run the executable
28-Jun-13:v1.1 new: added Debug/S switch, which adds the option VARDEBUG to ecx
26-Jun-13:v1.0 first version

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to ecx-script(at)igracki(dot)de.

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